GYROKINESIS®GYROKINESIS®, also called yoga for dancers, combines elements of dance, yoga and different sports into an effective training.Flowing and circling movements are performed in sitting, then on the floor and standing. The positions are never held for a long time, the body moves smoothly through different sequences. The constant flow of movement and rhythm provide free-flowing energy. The corresponding respiratory patterns stimulate the nerve system and enrich the blood with oxygen.

GYROKINESIS® works on different levels. It vitalizes and mobilizes the spine and joints, at the same time improves the function of the muscles, tendons and ligaments are stretched and strengthened.The focus is on the natural erection of the spine and stabilization of the body center - effective for a safe axis. Regular exercise improves mobility, physical perception and attitude. The movements become more graceful and supple.

Dancers especially appreciate GYROKINESIS®, it is the perfect complement to the dance and makes equally happy!Subjects:Stabilizing and strengthening the lap beltMobility and more freedom in the area of ​​the thorax and shoulder beltEffect of breathing on movement, body feeling and conditionDecompressing and stabilizing the joints by oppositionSensitization of inner perception